Listed to the left are some of Louis's completed landscape designs.

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East 94 Street (1 of 1)

East 94 Street (1 of 1): The first of many Manhattan brownstone gardens, "just" redigging the beds and replanting them. The trunk at the right is a Norway maple, whose dense canopy provided wonderful screening for the rear windows of the upper floors, but also cast the usual dense shade on anything growing nearby. Its greedy roots were yet another challenge. The tiny lawn—six pieces of sod total—was relaid each Spring. The beds themselves were planted, of necessity, with only the most shade-tolerant perennials, ferns, and groundcovers. Back-left is the young and very first of the Southern magnolias Louis ever planted. Twenty five years later, the house has been sold, the magnolia is a full and huge tree, and Louis is just starting work on the owner's new property, a vintage waterfront in Eastern Connecticut.

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