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Settling In: '09 (1 of 11)

Settling In: '09 (1 of 11): Fence, young fruit trees, and Summer-screening border of Cup Plant. Looking through the gate from the orchard into the fenced pool-and-gardens area. The orchard's trees are still just "whips"—starter saplings. But fruit trees are extremely fast-growing, and besides, some of the desired species and cultivars were too rare to get in anything other than the just-grafted size. Heirloom apples native persimmons, edible quince, apricots, pluots: The orchard is a veritable UN of diversity. Screening the gardens within the fence is a forty-foot summer hedge of Cup Plant, Silphium perfoliatum, a perennial ten-foot daisy native to the prairies. It's full-height in July, and in riotous bloom all August, at the height of the pool season too.

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