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Two Remarkable Veggie Gardens (1 of 7)

Two Remarkable Veggie Gardens (1 of 7): As one of the final projects for the "Summer Home" property, this huge veggie and cutting garden was created to the right of and behind the Lower Double Border. (See the gallery for the "LDB" too.) The views out to open ocean are incredible, and with forty (well, thirty-nine) four-by-ten raised beds, there's room to grow everything. That said, the site, large as it seems, was quite hemmed in: The fence is just about on the property line at the right; the set-back for permitted coastal vegetation isn't far from the fence at the back, and the LDB (completed over a decade before) juts into the space at the left. To maximize the number of raised beds, they needed to be arrayed in a strict and simple grid. This garden is necessarily just about productivity, not overall beauty. It's completely screened from the rest of the property by a wide belt of bayberry, viburnum, winterberry, yellowroot, and ferns.

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