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The Berry Folly (1 of 14)

The Berry Folly (1 of 14): A permanent structure to protect several kinds of berry bushes from marauding birds became an attractive and focal design feature. Instead of covering berry bushes with mesh to protect the fruit from "premature harvesting" by birds, Louis recommended a permanent structure—the Berry Folly—that stayed meshed year-round. With the swimming pool at the center, the Folly is immediately at nine o'clock, directly opposite the poolhouse and its dining terrace at three o'clock. In addition to the Folly's berry-production function, it's also the essential focus of the view from the dining terrace. The property doesn't have neighboring views to borrow—and, indeed, has plenty of neighboring structures to screen out—so all the views need to be shaped as well as edited from within. Whether or not it was intended specifically to grow "soft fruit"—berries—the Folly would still have been necessary.

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