Xanadu 5: The Berry Folly

Because the property didn’t offer views into abutting land, especially when looking out from the pool-house’s dining terrace, the impressive vista down the length of the swimming pool needed to be stopped with something—anything—of sufficient gravitas, size, & beauty to warrant being such an interruption.   The client’s desire to grow “soft fruits”—berries such as raspberries, grapes, & blueberries—provided the solution: A permanent cage so that the crop couldn’t be foraged by birds.


But in such a supremely focal spot, this couldn’t be just a cage.  It needed to be a “folly”—a fanciful structure that captures the view.  It’s size, location, & construction were only part of the appeal.  In a coup de theatre, the structure also hosts a large installation of illuminated blown glass across the underside of its roof.  See that in the magazine coverage here.