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Redoing While Fighting

Bruce Eric Kaplan‘s cartoons are published regularly by The New Yorker; his nom de plume is BEK.  This one, from the February 5 issue, is so on-target that one—well, me—could wonder if it had been created for this particular reader.

Happily, not: The cartoon is in The Yorker, for heaven’s sake, so all the people that count (except one in the White House) will see it, nod, and mutter with a smile, “For a moment, I thought it was just me in this pickle.”


How to Redo and Fight?  Day by day, inch by inch, thought by thought, friend by friend, meeting by meeting, check by check, vote by vote.


In between times, resolve and strength is gathered in the garden shovel by shovel, plant by plant, bulb by bulb, project by project, pollard by pollard, hedge by hedge, bloom by bloom, kickass container by kickass container, thought by thought, post by post.


And, maybe, a visit to the Conde Nast store.  This cartoon as a print?  On a pillow, mug, or T-shirt?  I think so.